Online favorites and bookmarks

Friday, November 4, 2005
I’ve seen so many sites offering online favorites and bookmarks over the years and now Microsoft is making yet another version available. (I think this must be their fifth or sixth time re-creating that project.)

I still don’t think it’ll be used. I think that Microsoft and the other companies trying to do this are still going about it all wrong. This is what I think will get used.

Favorite Bookmarks

I would like an application that I install onto my machine. It runs all the time in the background. It will mirror my local Favorites folder with the web site via web services. It should also mirror my Favorites folder with my Firefox bookmarks.html file. Let’s not forgot that I want to be able to install this application on my development machines and laptop at work and my development machines at home.

The sign of good application design is that you won’t notice it is there running. It “just works” is the motto here. This application would be no different. I want to be able enter a user name and password and it will do the rest. It can find my favorites folder and bookmarks.htm file from the registry.

There is a business case here, too, I think. I could get one (maybe two) computers for free, and then I have to pay $5 per year for unlimited additional computers. That’s a great idea. I like it. But…
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