Bookmarks application and search

Friday, November 4, 2005
With all of that being said (see previous Blog), I find it is usually easier (and faster) to perform a Google search for most things I’m looking for than trying to remember where I put the link and finding it in a menu.

Since, this is more and more the case with continual increases of information overload, the application would probably still only be used for links that are used frequently – the ones you know and remember right where they are. Links like my credit union login, current development projects, frequently read blogs, news sites etc., would all be stored here and shared between my computers. I call these the standard set. There are about seven of them and they are always visible on my browsers’ toolbar.

The real value of a bookmarks application would be not needing one at all. Instead, having my bookmarks integrated into my Google search results. Yeah, it looks like I just lost my business plan. Why not add a link next to each search result that will allow me to bookmark this item? Then, the next time I search for the site it would show up in its own section, first atop the list of results. I would like to be able to label each bookmark too, like giving the link a new name or description to make it easier for me to remember which link this is the next time I search.

Now, that provides value to my default search engine as well. (Are you listening Google?) That would provide so much value that I would probably never bookmark another page outside of the standard set again.

I suppose I could use the Google search API to create my own interface to their search results?
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