Handheld devices

Thursday, November 3, 2005
Wifi handheld devices.

What about wi-fi on my MP3 player? I’d like to be able to update my music files and lists from my computer automatically, without having to plug it in.

I’d like to be able to share music wirelessly with my friends, perhaps a low quality format or perhaps just a wifi stream that they can only listen to while standing next to me? (Sony, RIAA won’t like this one!)

Reading blogs on those tiny screens.

I’d like to see my blog subscriptions on my handheld device, too. I’d like to be able to synchronize my current un-read blogs to my device either when its connected to my desktop or wirelessly. Whenever my feeds change on my desktop machine, whether I read it on my desktop or new articles arrive, my device should be updated with the latest articles and read articles should be removed from the device.

I suppose I could write my own application for Pocket PC and RIM (BlackBerry) devices?
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