ebook_compiler (week #5)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 Labels: , ,

This is a simple utility that converts .md (markdown) files to html. It then combines them into one .html file.

The real benefit of this is that I can separate my book into separate files. As many or as few as I want. I currently have split up my little book into chapters and sub-sections; one file each.

This little utility will only convert md files that have changed, into html. Once all html files are up to date, they are combined into a single file and wrapped inside the template.

It supports a settings file (_ebook_config.txt) and a html template file (_ebook_template.txt).

title=My book title

The template file is really just an html file. Use @SPLIT@ to indicate in the template where the book contents will be. See the examples folder in the code for details.

This is not a markdown to html compiler: It relies upon markdown.pl (a Perl script) available from daring fireball for the actual conversion.

Check out the source code on GitHub!

It is definitely a work in progress, but it does what I need for the book I'm working on. And, it is 100 times faster than editing a single md file and converting the whole thing every time.

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