cldesc (week #6)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 Labels: , ,

Cleans and sorts a descript.ion file, removing entries that no longer exist with a couple of other options too..

Check out the source code on GitHub!

cldesc.exe [options] [file]

--vf Remove entries where the entry does not exist.*
--sf Save a backup copy of the `descript.ion` file.*
--oc Output to the console instead of to the source file. This only
works when a <file> is specified.

* These items can be set as environment variables using:
> set cldescrip_<arg>=true|false

[file] Specify the file to clean up. If a file is not specified, assumes
`descript.ion` in the current directory.
A file (or content) can be piped to `cldesc` via stdin. In such
cases the output will always be sent to stdout.

Sort the `descript.ion` file in the current directory, updating the file's
> cldesc.exe

Sort `file.txt` and output the results to the console.
> type file.txt |cldesc
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