From casual looker to new employee

Monday, July 31, 2006
Well.. what can I say. I started as a casual job looker - just to see what was out there. Within the flood of dozens of job openings I received from Monster, most of which would have been a fairly good match, I found three in particular that really whet my appetite. Two Windows CE-based development positions - which is what I originally sought after - and one senior-level engineer.

I discounted one of the Windows CE jobs due to its location, but the other one was sounding better and better. My wife said she would enjoy moving to Spokane Washington for this job. But, after a couple of days talking to both companies, I actually wanted the job more! What an odd turn of events.

As much as I wanted a Windows CE engineer position, it wasn't as good as this. Let just say also that the Windows CE position was everything, literally, that I was originally looking for. When it came down to it, I chose to stay with I think perhaps that was really what I wanted all along. Because I've been so bored with what I do now, I attributed this to the technology and not to where I was and what I was doing there.. I couldn't see that I had become so annoyed and frustrated in my position that I wanted out. Now.
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