SublimeCycleWhiteSpace (week #19)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 Labels: ,

Cycle's through Sublime Text's three options for displaying white space: none, selection, and all.

Many thanks to skuroda for his extremely helpful comment on Stack Overflow.

Check out the MIT-licensed source code on GitHub.


  • Configure which options to cycle through in the settings.


Clone into your sublime packages directory.

Sorry, I haven't even looked at using Package Control yet.



Turn each option on or off here. If you want to alternate all three view options from your shortcut key, then set each to true. If you only want to alternate between selection and all, set only those two properties to true.

"cycle_whitespace_none": true,
"cycle_whitespace_selection": true,
"cycle_whitespace_all": true

Default (Windows).sublime-keymap

My default key bindings mirror that of Visual Studio. Feel free to change it to whatever you want.

{ "keys": ["ctrl+r", "ctrl+w"], "command": "cycle_through_whitespace" }
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