wifian (week #2)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 Labels:
A simple Wi-Fi signal strength analyzer (CLI-based). It should be pretty straight forward...
I was looking for a super fast and simple to use signal analyzer and didn't find one I liked. All I wanted was something to show me directional signal strength and quality. Pretty simple, but I couldn't find what I wanted. So here is my version.
When running it, sometimes it takes about 30-60 seconds to reflect changes to the signals, add/removing adapters, etc.
wifian is released using the MIT License, see LICENSE.txt for details.
The WlanAPI.cs file is also released using the MIT License and is Copyright (c) 2013 Ilya Konstantinov or Monfort Software Engineering 2007. See http://managedwifi.codeplex.com/ for more details regarding it.
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