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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Reading blogs take too much time. There have always only been a few that I actually read, frequently. But, most of them, even long time favorites (such as Scobleizer) just seem to take too much time to read.

I have found myself unsubscribing from blogs more and more. Not that I ever had a whole lot to begin with. At the highest point I maybe had 60 subscribed to in my reader. I just don't want to spend the time reading blogs, where most of it is what I consider fluff. Currently, I have about 35 subscriptions, but only about 15 are really active with at least 2 or more posts a week. Of course, some like MAKE and Engadget have dozens and more each day.

Being an IT and Dev Generalist, I am involved in so many different technologies. I would like to get the synopsis of each area without having to slowly go through all of the (seemingly) countless posts about the things I'm not interested in. I want to go to a web site and be able to read in 10 minutes or less each day the current buzz about the subjects I'm interested in. It would of course keep track of what I last looked at. If I wanted more detail (and had time for such a thing) I could follow links for more, etc.

I would also like it to remind me, say, once a month to look at certain topics. Things like check out the latest health-related articles on MSN Health or check up on what my local politicians are currently going on about.

I'm thinking the user interface should be similar to this:

Information Technology

Windows Home Server

No news to report | Saved for later (2)

Windows Scripting

New blog posts (3) | New articles (6) | Saved for later (2)

Windows Mobile

New blog posts (4) | No new articles



Blog posts (11) | New articles (4)

C# / .Net

Blog posts (11) | New articles (4)

Hardware & Hobbies Engineering


New blogs posts (3) | No new articles

HAM Radio

No new blogs | No new articles

Commodore 64

No new blogs | No new articles


Ann Coulter / Human Events

New blogs posts (3) | New articles (1)

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