Wish list for Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Monday, February 26, 2007 Labels:
To build upon my previous post about why Google Docs & Spreadsheets doesn't work, here is a short list of features I would like to see implemented.

Custom Font Selection: I just gotta be able to change the look and feel of my documents or I won't use it. Fix it, okay!?

Desktop Docs & Spreadsheets Sync: There must be a way to have these files automatically backed up to my local hard disk. I would prefer a mirroring solution, though. I'd like to be able to edit the same files locally or online via GD&S. Just add functionality to Google Desktop Search that will manage the synchronization process. Even better, why not add the functionality as a Backup Solution for desktop users, where those files just happen to be "backed up" (mirrored) to the same location that GD&S uses.

Added Bonus: A Windows shell extension to allow dropping all of my files into a single GD&S folder. The files would be kept locally (in that folder), but those files would also be mirrored with GD&S online. I'm thinking something similar to how Gmail Drive works (Linux version, Mac OSX version).

Super-duper Added Bonus: Even more cool than that would be to have the (same) shell extension render the file view to look like GD&S online. That would be way cool and super usable!

Note to Google: I volunteer to beta test these for you!
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