The url CSS property and other frequent CSS pitfalls

Monday, January 22, 2007 Labels: ,
I noticed that I have been using the url CSS property incorrectly in a lot of our pages. The correct syntax includes single quotes around the image path. For instance:

<td style="background:url(/Controls/images/rel_calc_chooser_b.gif) repeat-x;"></td>

should be:

<td style="background:url('/Controls/images/rel_calc_chooser_b.gif') repeat-x;"></td>

Although, it usually doesn’t cause a problem with Internet Explorer and Firefox 2.0, it can cause some real mischief in older versions of Firefox and current versions of Opera and Safari. I am probably the worst at this, because I simply forget to type them or am usually copying and pasting paths and images into the editor.

I’ve also noticed several other common mistakes as well.
  • Url paths in CSS files are relative to the stylesheet, not the calling document
  • Missing pound sign before hex colors
  • Hex colors that aren’t 3 or 6 characters long
  • Not including a generic font in font-family attributes (i.e.: font-family: Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif)
I'm horrible about putting in a generic font in my styles.

Tracking down CSS-caused issues is usually a head-ache and quite often a nightmare. The Firefox console provides detailed CSS errors along with the JavaScript errors. It is a good habit to review the console watching for these errors when making changes.

By the way, I found a great utility to clean up and streamline CSS code at
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