JavaScript-based XML parser

Sunday, September 10, 2006 Labels:
I've been doing a lot JavaScript lately for my new job. We're creating a dashboard for our web-site that is totally cool! One of several things that I have licensed to my new employer is my JavaScript-based XML parser. We're using this on the user-agent to load the widgets without having to talk to our server. Eventually, we will even allow using other companies widgets or gadgets or whatever they are called at the time.

I think that'd be a great feature for one of the big boys (i.e.: Google, MSN, Yahoo, PageFlakes, etc.) to support the others' widgets as well.

But, in the real world there is a problem with that though. Just like when an operating system supports applications from another, there comes a time when the developers wonder why they should create anything for OS A when all of OS B's applications will work on A.. (Just refer to OS/2 for more details..)

Anyway.. I put a basic page up recently for my parser at

I'll add some examples and basically a bunch of test-cases for it soon.
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